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Who is Faruk Bayraktar?

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He was born in 1965 in Novi Pazar, Yugoslavia and moved to Turkey with his family in 1968.
Bayraktar was accepted into Photography Department of Mimar Sinan University’s Faculty of Fine Arts where he studied for three years. He then switched to the Cinema and Television department of Marmara University, where he went on to graduate.
He began drawing caricatures during school and drew for magazines such as Çarşaf, Horoz, Pişmiş Kelle, Gırgır, Fırt, Hıbır, Avni, Leman, L-Manyak, and Lombak after graduation.

He became popular for his comic strip, “Rezil-i Rüsvan,” and his absurd caricature section titled “Kravisni Tol Tol” in Pişmiş Kelle.

The deformed and humorous lingo, characterized by uses such as “gelenzi” and “gidenzi,” garnered widespread adoption among the youth. He gained prominence with his work in Lombak in which he transformed his Rezil-i Rüsvan character into a cartoon satirizing movies.

Bayraktar, who is also a street photographer, has been drawing caricatures for Sütaş since 2002.

• Kravisni Tol Tol, 1995 (Parantez Publishing)
• Rezil-i Rüsvan, 2002 (Komik Şeyler Publishing)
• Sütaş Karikatürleri, 2010 (Kuzey Publishing)