About Us

About Us

Our Integrated Facilities

With our “Farm to Table” integrated business model, we manage, monitor, and inspect the entire process that starts with our cows’ feed and goes to our consumers’ tables. We, therefore, guarantee that our products retain their freshness, taste, and nutritional value.

All of our facilities are good examples of integration — including fodder production, dairy farming, energy generation, production of organic fertilizers and hundreds of dairy products, and their delivery to our consumers’ tables. 

In line with this unique business model, we establish milk and dairy factories as well as training centers, practice farms, breeding farms, feed plants, and recycling and power plants in every region we invest in. We have four integrated facilities in Turkey that were established with this model: Karacabey in Marmara, Aksaray in Central Anatolia, Tire in the Aegean - Mediterranean Region, and Bingöl in the Eastern-Southeastern Anatolia. 

We also have a dairy center in Macedonia, Skopje.