We prioritize enhancing the accessibility of our communication channels and ensuring seamless, barrier-free access through the opportunities provided by evolving technology.

We aim to make our digital channels accessible for individuals with disabilities, ensuring they can easily and effectively access information.

What we have done so far?

We continue our efforts to make our website compliant with Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We strive to make our website as accessible as possible by following the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

To ensure accessibility for all, we have:

  • Reviewed the key features of our website and made the necessary adjustments with accessibility and ease of use in mind,
  • Used accessibility-compliant HTML throughout the website’s development,
  • Tailored the website experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices,
  • Integrated third-party accessibility applications into the website to enhance ease of use for individuals with disabilities, 
  • Implemented adjustments to enable navigation and access to most interactive elements using only a keyboard and assistive technologies,
  • Used clear and straightforward language throughout our website content wherever possible,
  • Made an effort to use clear and readable fonts and sizes for all text and headings,
  • Enabled users to adjust text sizes on our website using the web browser’s zoom-in feature,
  • Added alt attributes to all images on our website to help screen readers easily convey the content of each page,
  • Provided appropriate text and headings in sections where tables are used, and
  • Incorporated ARIA code to enhance the information available to screen reader users.

We continuously monitor and enhance our website to maintain accessibility. If you face any accessibility challenges on our website or have recommendations for new features, you can get in touch with us at 444 4 788 (SÜT) through the Sütaş Customer Hotline or by completing the Comments and Suggestions Form.