Our Sustainability Approach

Ranging from fodder crop production to fertilizer production and energy generation, our circular business model is based on the efficient use of natural resources and recycling, and serves as a unique sustainability model with its environmental, social and economic aspects.

We work with our “Love of Milk” to share the goodness and abundance of milk, manage the milk value chain in the most efficient way possible with our “Farm to Table” business model, produce natural dairy products with “Craftsmanship and Expertise”, and strengthen the “Corporate Structure” that ensures our future.

With our values of “respect,” “responsibility,” “excellence” and “passion,” we ensure that all our investments and activities contribute to the “health and happiness of people,” the “development and prosperity of society” and “environmental sustainability.”

Impact Areas

The Health And Happiness Of Individuals

Health And Happiness Of Individuals

We work passionately to share the goodness of milk. With our “Farm to Table” business model, we preserve the naturalness, taste and nutritional value of our products, while continuing to improve the model day by day with the opportunities and innovations brought by technology. Our large family is passionate about sharing the goodness and abundance of milk. We support the development of our colleagues and aim to provide them a healthy, safe and happy work environment.

The Development and Prosperity of Society

Development and Prosperity of Society

With its socio-economic impact and inclusiveness, our “Farm to Table” business model serves as a “Regional Development Model.” This model provides employment to thousands of people by mobilizing various sub-sectors in agriculture, industry and service; offers an exemplary income distribution model where the income created is shared by different segments of society; and supports social development.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

As part of our circular economy-based “Farm to Table” business model, we believe that natural resources, such as soil, water and air, have been entrusted to us by nature. To serve this end, we operate in accordance with the principles of regenerative agriculture and sustainable dairy farming, protect our soil, use water and energy efficiently, increase our renewable energy production and work towards achieving zero waste.

Sustainability Report

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