About Us

About Us

Our Dairy Approach


In order to provide natural and delicious dairy products that improve people’s quality of life and bring them health and happiness, we manage and develop the dairy value chain in the most efficient and sustainable way, with the passion of sharing the goodness of milk.


To become the most loved brand, the most trusted corporation and the leading company in dairy sector.



We have respect for humans, society and nature.


We act in a fair and transparent manner and we are accountable for our actions, we own up to our responsibilities.


We constantly improve ourselves and seek excellence to become the masters of our business.


We passionately commit ourselves to the goodness and abundance of milk and to dairy.


Milk is the most fundamental, accessible, and beneficial food that naturally includes essential nutrients in an ideal balance to improve our overall health and wellbeing. The production of this valuable food is remarkably inclusive as it enhances economic activity across a broad range of industries. The entire process that carries the milk from farm to table stimulates multiple sub-sectors in agriculture, the industrial sector, and the service industry, which employ millions of people. It offers an exemplary income distribution model where the income created is shared by different segments of society, improving the overall prosperity of people.

Love of Milk

We are in love with this miraculous food. We have devoted ourselves to dairy production. We produce natural and tasty dairy products driven by our desire to improve the health, quality of life, and happiness of our consumers. We work with our “Love of Milk” to share the goodness and abundance of milk.

Farm to Table

As we gained expertise in dairy, we have adopted the “Farm to Table” strategy to achieve a strong and integrated supply chain. Our integrated business model enables us to manage, monitor, and inspect the entire production process: from our cows’ feed intake, the farms they live in, and the milk they share with us to the dairy products served to your table. In line with this unique business model, we establish milk and dairy factories as well as training centers, practice farms, breeding farms, feed plants, and recycling and power plants in every region we invest in.

We, therefore, guarantee that our products retain their freshness, taste, and nutritional value and meet our consumers’ food safety expectations.

Our business model transforms Sütaş investments into “Regional Development Models” with its wide-range economic and social impacts and inclusive nature encompassing all societal groups. It offers an exemplary income distribution model where the income created is regularly shared by different segments of society, improving the overall prosperity of people.

Starting from growing fodder to producing fertilizer and energy, our circular business model is based on the efficient use of natural resources and recycling. It serves as a unique sustainability model with environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

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Mastery, Expertise

Anatolia has a rich history of livestock and dairy farming. Dairy holds a significant place in our diet. We have recipes and tastes dating back thousands of years. We bring together Anatolia’s rich history with our expertise. We preserve the essence and purity of milk in the hundreds of dairy products we create. We are masters of dairy and experts in our business.

Corporate Governance

Striving to share the goodness and abundance of milk, we also grow and strengthen our corporate structure by embracing our values and universal corporate governance principles. We constantly update our governance systems following universal practices. 

To become a big family of good people, good citizens, good dairy masters, and good Sütaş colleagues, we always support our employees’ development and help them upgrade their skills and competencies in international standards.