Farm to Table

Farm to Table

Our Integrated Business Model

We operate based on our “Farm to Table” business model by focusing on the integration of the entire dairy value chain.

Our Integrated Business Model

As part of our integrated model “Farm to Table”, we manage, monitor, and inspect each stage

Our "Farm to Table" business model assures the naturality, taste and nutritional value of our products. From the feed of our cows to the farms they live in, from the milk they produce to the dairy products delivered to your table, we manage entire process meticulously and inspect it down to the smallest detail.

From growing fodder to producing fertilizer and energy, our business model serves as a unique sustainability model with environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

We present the best example in Turkey of the “European Green Deal – Farm to Fork Strategy,” which aims to ensure sustainability across the entire food chain.

Our Integrated Business Model

Our Integrated Business Model

We provide training to producers, students and entrepreneurs so that dairy farming can be done consciously and efficiently.


We grow fodder crops to ensure that our cows can feed naturally and healthily.


In our feed factories, we produce compound feeds with high vitamin, mineral and protein values that our cows need.


Our cows live on disease-free farms designed in accordance with international animal welfare rules.


We produce wide range of milk and dairy products by preserving the naturality and intrinsic values of milk.


We distribute our products produced in our four integrated facilities to 200,000 sales points with our fleet of 1,850 refrigerated vehicles.

Ürün Kolisi

We also deliver our “natural tastes” directly to your table from our farms through Sütaş Market.

Biyogaz Tesisi

In our biogas facility, we produce energy (electricity, hot water and steam) from the animal manure of our farms, and also produce organic and organomineral fertilizer by the power production output of our biogas facilities.