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Bingöl Impact Analysis Report

We are proud to share the report on the “Socio-Economic Impacts of the Sütaş Eastern-Southeastern Anatolia Dairy Project – Bingöl Integrated Facilities Investment: Regional Dynamic Input-Output Analysis (2018–2033)” that examines with a scientific methodology the economic and social impacts of our investment in Bingöl and its neighboring regions. The report was prepared by Kamil Taşçı and Prof. Erinç Yeldan in 2020 in two volumes: “Executive Summary” and the “Main Report.”

As Sütaş has focused on and thrived in dairy, the “Farm to Table” approach has created a strong supply chain and become a unique example that meets the food safety and security standards of the day. With its socio-economic impact and inclusiveness, Sütaş’s “Farm to Table” integrated business model serves as a “Regional Development Model.” The “Sütaş South Marmara Dairy Project – Karacabey Integrated Facilities,” “Sütaş Central Anatolia Dairy Project – Aksaray Integrated Facilities” and “Sütaş Aegean Dairy Project – Tire Integrated Facilities,” were all established based on this model and are successful examples contributing to regional development with their economic and social impacts.

As the “Sütaş Eastern-Southeastern Anatolia Dairy Project,” which we conceived through building on the experience and knowledge we gained from these previous examples, received acknowledgment and support, we launched the construction of the Bingöl Integrated Facilities in June 2018. The total investment cost of the facility reached 1.1 billion Turkish lira. The production launch was scheduled for 2021. When the facility reaches its target full capacity, it will provide direct employment to 1,012 people.

The Sütaş Bingöl Integrated Facilities Investment includes the following units: Dairy Cattle Breeding Farms, a Calf Breeding Farm, a Livestock Farm, a Dairy Farming Training Center and Training Farm, a Diagnosis Laboratory and Health Center, a Genomic Selection Laboratory, an Embryo Research Laboratory, a Genomic Bull Breeding Center, a Feed Plant, Plant Production Machinery and Equipment, a Dairy Products Factory, an Anaerobic Treatment Facility, a Biogas and Power Production Plant, and Organic and Organomineral Fertilizer Facilities.

The method of the regional impact analysis was the “Input-Output Model” as the model treats the cities as open economies. The 2018 tables have been accepted as the reference data set for the 2018–2033 period.

To map the growth outlook of the Turkish economy for the 2018–2033 period, the study established a growth path based on the New Economic Program for the 2019–2021 period and an estimated moderate-level growth for the 2022–2033 period. In the case of Bingöl, the annual Input-Output tables (of which there were 15) were created for the 2018–2033 period, disregarding the Sütaş investment as the “base scenario.” The economic performance of the province was then analyzed in terms of sub-items. In the second stage, the economic impact of Sütaş was calculated and accumulated per year in line with the growth path to estimate the long-term economic impact on an annual basis for the 2019–2033 period.

Bingöl Impact Analysis Report - Summary

Bingöl Impact Analysis Report