Human Resources Approach

Approximately 5,000 employees, all of whom are specialized in their fields and unified in the mission to share the goodness and abundance of milk, plus our business partners in sales and distribution, make us a large family of 7,500.

We consider our operation more of a social responsibility than a “business.” Dairy boosts the quality of life and promotes health and happiness. And it is our greatest responsibility to deliver these natural and delicious products to consumers of all ages. Each of us undertakes a significant role in ensuring that our community lives a “healthy and good life.” This awareness is our greatest source of motivation.

We wish to recruit creative, innovative, motivated people who are ready to work on international platforms and are fit for teamwork.

We are excited to meet the future members of Sütaş who hold degrees in food engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, agricultural engineering, veterinary medicine, business administration, economics, computer science, software engineering, or other departments. We welcome all people who will adopt our mission, share our vision, and embrace our values in line with our Farm to Table integrated model.

Our Human Resources vision is to build Sütaş into a strong employee brand with a respected mission. Our vision is to create a family of good people, good citizens, and good dairy masters who have a strong sense of awareness and responsibility, are masters at their craft, and are highly passionate about sharing the goodness and abundance of milk.

Our Recruitment Policy is to attract and retain the potential and talented human resource by using tools and techniques that provide equal opportunities to the candidates and ensure their proper placement. In this context, candidates that we contact via various sources undergo an assessment process, based on position. In the assessment process, in addition to interviews, candidates undergo personality analysis, English proficiency and general aptitude tests, and case studies depending on the level and requirements of the positions.

Our Training Policy positions the training of our employees as an integral part of our corporate development and continuously encourages us to invest in our human resources. We support our colleagues with needs-specific training programs to ensure they are highly motivated and achieve a strong performance at work. As part of our Training and Talent Development activities managed under “Love of Milk Academy,” we offer corporate, professional, personal, and leadership training programs tailored for each unit and position.

Our Career Management Policy revolves around the sustainability of our company and helps us prepare our colleagues for their future roles. Our employees are given priority on career opportunities and their development is monitored through this perspective.

We have great love, commitment and respect to what we do. While growing our family with the aim of being a family of good people, good citizens, good dairymasters and good Sütaş employees, we support the development of our employees.