Our Sustainability Activities

Health and Happiness of People

We strive to offer natural and delicious dairy products that contribute to people’s health, quality of life, and happiness. With our “Farm to Table” business model, which ensures the naturality, taste, and nutritional value of our products, we integrate, monitor, and oversee the entire process from the feed our cows consume to the dairy products that reach your tables.

Health and Happiness of People

Food Security

Milk is our fundamental source of nutrition, providing a harmonious blend of essential nutrients crucial for a healthy life. Accordingly, its role in feeding the growing world population is becoming increasingly important day by day. In this period where concerns regarding food sufficiency and sustainable agriculture are mounting, milk and dairy products play an even more important role in the nutrition of the growing world population.

With our “Farm to Table” integrated business model, we manage and control the entire process from our cows’ feed to our customers’ tables. The pandemic showed us the importance of a reliable supply chain once again.

Our goal is to contribute to food security, ensuring its continuity for both the present and future. Accordingly, we work with the awareness that food production, processing, transportation, consumption and waste disposal processes need to be transformed, and we take steps to transform our own value chain.

Food Safety

We manufacture a wide range of dairy products while maintaining the nutritional integrity and naturality of the milk. The safety of our products depends on maintaining safety at stages of production: starting from the production of feed used, health and welfare of dairy cows producing milk, which is our most important raw material of all, farm hygiene, the collection and transportation of raw milk, its processing and distribution. That is why we consider feed and food safety together.

Our “Farm to Table” business model enables us to control the entire process from our cattle’s feed to the delivery of our products to consumers’ tables, while ensuring the traceability, safety and naturality of our products.

We encourage food-contact material suppliers, which are of great importance for food safety, to have internationally recognized standards and certifications.

Consumer Health and Wellness

Today, an increasing number of consumers aim for healthier and balanced diets and also seek their purchased food to be healthier, expecting more information about its production process, nutritional value, and safety. The demand for foods that strengthen the immune system has also increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our foremost objective is to promote the nutritional wellbeing of our consumers and empower them to make informed choices.

Additional Labeling Information

We place labels stating the nutritional elements and production date of our products on the packaging in addition to the labeling requirements stipulated by the legislation to ensure that our consumers are better-informed about the products they purchase and are assured of their freshness.

Consumer Hotline

We keep track of the suggestions and feedback provided by our consumers and customers, and strive to review them as soon as possible to incorporate them into our product development processes. Our most significant responsibility is towards our consumers, who collectively purchase 6.5 million Sütaş products daily.

Our Website

To ensure that our consumers can easily access detailed information such as the energy and nutritional content of our products, we expanded the “Questions about Our Products and Production Processes”page on our new website.

Well Nutrition Campaign

Diet and nutrition habits undergo significant changes during Ramadan. That’s why we initiated a campaign, supported by experts, to train our consumers on achieving a healthier and more balanced diet during this month. We also emphasize the essential role of dairy products in their diet.

In addition to conveying the importance of milk and dairy products through communications that aim to raise awareness about healthy nutrition during the school period, we offered practical recipes that will give mothers ideas on how to prepare a healthy lunch box for school and healthy snacks for the trip back home.

Tales from the Farm

Recounting the experiences and lessons learned by Sütaş Farm’s beloved character Buzu on the farm. ‘Tales from the Farm’informs children about important contempoary topics such as naturality, sustainability, recycling, and energy conservation, it also conveys messages related to life concepts like friendship, kindness and curiosity.

Sütaş Farm Cartoons

In addition to the natural tastes of the Sütaş Farm, our cartoons, which are celebrating their 20th anniversary, help our consumers start the day with a smile every morning. The colorful characters of our farm have been enjoyed by readers for 7,418 consecutive days since day one.

Sustainability Report

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