About Us

About Us

Sütaş in a Glance

Our Business is Milk, Our Passion is Milk

Dairy has been our sole passion since the day we’re established. We focus solely on dairy products, we invest back to dairy sector whatever we gain from it, and work passionately to share the goodness and abundance of milk. Our objective has been to expand our business and strengthen our integration as we grow and gain comprehensive expertise in this field.

We’ve established a strong supply chain model from farm to table, consisting of efficient links that we can manage to ensure each is mutually supported. All of our facilities are examples of comprehensive integration — including fodder production, dairy farming, power production, organic fertilizer production, the production of hundreds of dairy products, and their delivery to our consumer’s tables.

We have four integrated facilities in Turkey that were established with this model: Karacabey in Marmara, Aksaray in Central Anatolia, Tire in the Aegean Region, and Bingöl in the Eastern-Southeastern Anatolia.

As of 2014, we gained easier access to the Balkans and Europe with our facilities in North Macedonia. In 2021, we further expanded our foreign operations and launched our dairy brand MilkFields in Pakistan.

In addition to these investments abroad, we export to 47 countries, including China, Egypt, European Countries, Azerbaijan, USA, Japan, UAE, Qatar, Libya, Iraq and Kuwait.

We’ve been striving for 49 years to bolster the dairy market, distribute healthy dairy products to the farthest corners of Turkey, and spread and strengthen the dairy consumption culture that has been rooted in these lands for over a thousand years.

Dairy is not simply a matter of business to us; it is our lifestyle and greatest passion.

Expanding on our vision of becoming the most loved, the most trusted corporation and the leading company in dairy sector, we were rewarded with these titles:
  • Most Loved Dairy Brand in Turkey – Lovemark Research, IPSOS

  • Leading dairy brand for 17 years – Nielsen

  • 9 years in a row in TKYD (Corporate Governance Association of Turkey) – The privately owned family company with the highest corporate governance grade

Sütaş in Numbers

We are all across Turkey with our 4 Integrated Facilities.
We are a large family of 7,500 people.
We procure milk from 20,000 producer families.
We fully meet the feed needs of our farms and producers by producing 404,000 tons of compound feed per year.
We produce 180,000 tons of fodder on 41,25 square kilometers of land.
There are 25,000 cattle at our breeding farms.
We generate 88 percent of the electricity needed by our Industrial Facilities with the manure and organic wastes from our farms.
We have generated 98,394 MWh of electricity and , 101,971 MWh of hot water and steam, totaling 200,365 MWh in renewable energy.
We enrich the soil where we grow fodder with 690,000 tons of organic fertilizer sourced in power plant outputs.
Sütaş products are on 8 out of every 10 tables.
We produce and distribute 6.8 million packs of dairy products every day.
We deliver products to 200,000 salespoints.