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Buzu and her friends are now in Tales from the Sütaş Farm

The children's favorite Buzu and its friends from Sütaş Farm are now with you with the "Tales from the Sütaş Farm" series!

You can make your fairy tale hours more enjoyable by watching a different adventure of Buzu and its friends in each fairy tale with your child...

Click on the fairy tale videos below or visit our Youtube account to watch these fun adventures.

Adventure of Milk Drop

Let's watch the fun adventure of milk drops that starts at the Sütaş farm and continues until they reach the table!

Buzu's Wish

Buzu and its friends learn about the importance of natural resources and discover sustainability activities at Sütaş Farm to protect the natural resources in this riddle-filled tale. Let's watch this fun adventure together!

Buzu's Dream

Buzu's dream was to visit Sütaş Farm and this dream finally came true! Let's witness Buzu's meeting with new friends at Sütaş Farm, let's watch this fun meeting together!

Buzu's Treasure Hunt

While discovering Sütaş Farm, Buzu finds itself in a fun game full of riddles. Let's watch this fun adventure together!